Update - July 2, 2006

The center of my track -

We have been spreading manure on the inside of our track since last fall when my horses were dry lotted.  The field has never looked better. The grass has choked out most of the weeds. We opted to let it go to seed to supply a better crop in the future.

We have been cutting a row here and there and raking it onto the track. We figured one row to equal about 1.5 bales of hay.

The track continues to be a great success for my IR mare, who has not had any laminitic episodes since turning her onto the track.

We have been turning our Arabian out on  in the center of the track for a few hours during the day. Her metabolism calls for the extra grass. She can follow the herd around the track regardless of the fact that she is separated from them with the fence.

I prefer to continue to feed on the track instead of turning them out into the center. This way I can control the amount of grass they are eating, and I continue to keep them moving. Food is their incentive too move. 

I spread more hay along the far side of the track to encourage even more movement. They have to travel farther for shade and water.

I trimmed them for the fist time in about  8 weeks.  They had comparable growth to a four or five  week maintenance trim. The movement has helped to maintain the hooves in between trims.

It is still my goal to have them self trim their hooves. 
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